Student Alumni Council raffles a semester's tuition

By Scott Lindrup For the Daily

For students struggling to make ends meet, a raffle ticket could be the answer.

The Student Alumni Council is holding a raffle to give away a semester's paid tuition and other prizes.

Held annually, the raffle is typically offered only to parents of current students through the Parents Newsletter, but this year SAC has decided to offer students a chance to enter the raffle.

Students could win free in-state tuition for one semester, amounting to about $3,500. Also up for grabs are two $500 tuition grants or a lifetime membership to the Alumni Association.

"We just thought this was something students would like, and we plan to offer it every year from now on," SAC President Janet Hodges said of the council's decision to open up the raffle to students.

SAC, the student committee of the Alumni Association, annually runs Parents Weekend and Senior Days. The Alumni Association, which draws most of its money from donations, is funding the raffle.

"It would be a little easier to live," said LSA sophomore Meagan Golani of the free tuition prize. "I would not feel that tremendous pressure of loans and tuition as much. I could probably work less and that would be great.

"Any money helps. I mean $500 is a month's rent," she added. "The Alumni Membership would probably help me get involved in campus after I graduate, too. Right now I don't have time between working and class."

"I think this would be important to a lot of students and if more people knew about it, maybe more people would get involved."

LSA freshman Erik Freimuth said the raffle would be a good opportunity for students paying tuition out of their own pockets. "Not everyone's parents are paying for school. Mine are so it wouldn't affect my life much."

SAC will be asking for donations, but contributions are not required to participate in the raffle. Winners will be notified shortly after the Nov. 27 drawing and their student accounts will be credited at the beginning of Winter term.

Tables will be set up today and tomorrow from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. in the basement of the Michigan Union where students can sign up to participate in the raffle.

Originally Published in The Michigan Daily, November 9th, 2000