Reflections on a Broken Wrist / by Scott Lindrup

So, I recently went on my annual ski trip with my rowdy bunch of buddies . . . ok, we aren't really that rowdy anymore, but I managed to break my left wrist on the very first day. It's the first time I've ever had a major injury the kept me from getting back on the slopes and I've been skiing since I was 5 years old so I guess I'm pretty lucky. Well, now that there's a fair amount of rehab and I'm nowhere near my indestructible twenties , some of my non-skiing friends are telling me to slow it down and maybe take up croquette or really any activity that doesn't involve a potential battle with gravity.

Never going to happen.

So, I thought I'd just put up a video that I edited from our trip a few years ago to British Columbia as a reminder to myself and everyone else why it is very much worth a broken wrist to chase the powder. We went out to the back country with a great company called Big Red Cats. They treated us to one of our best days on the snow. So, enjoy and get out there for a few more turns. Me and my now bionic wrist will be ready to go next winter.