About me

I should tell you that I have an obsession. This obsession drives many of my decisions in life and I think it’s important that you know about it up front. It led me to drop everything and go skiing in Colorado for two years. It drove me to climb mountains and jump out of airplanes. It forms the basis for my closest friendships. I am obsessively, adventurously, and incurably curious.

My work life reflects my curiosity. I have a broad range of experience in very different industries. I’ve spent a lot of time in sales and retail but I’ve also worked in political organizing and education. I’ve been a manager, a bartender, a pizza cook, a computer support technician, a driver, a reporter, a landscaper, a wind tunnel technician, and a Zamboni driver. It’s been an interesting life so far and I’ve learned so much about people and about myself. 

I am a freelance writer and creator. I live and work in Brooklyn, New York. My experience and talents will bring fresh ideas and perspectives to your project. 

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